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Polaris aims to deliver affordable and high quality healthcare to everyone by bringing doctors and patients together in the convenience of their homes or offices.
Our telemedicine solution - Polaris allows patients to obtain care without having to go physically to the doctor's office which minimizes the excessive amount of patients to doctors in hospitals.

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Virtual Meetings

Connect with Patients via our in-built video call system.

Dynamic Records

Dynamic Records Get access to previous and current records of your patients.

Set Availablity

Enjoy the freedom of setting your own consultation time.

Automated Billing

Receive your revenue in real-time after each consultation takes place.

About Us

We are a healthcare technological company based in Lagos, Nigeria. AfriHealth strives to provide access to quality healthcare to everyone in Africa and ultimately worldwide. It is our belief that everyone deserves the best healthcare, hence why it is our mission to build a strong healthcare ecosystem by connecting Health Maintenance organizations (HMOs), hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities with particular emphasis on emergency medical services.

Having equitable access to high-quality, life-saving healthcare, delivered by competent and caring providers should be the right of every individual irrespective of location. Our objective is to provide easy access to hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and ambulatory services at affordable rates.

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Why Choose Polaris?

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Polaris is an open platform for doctors, medical practitioners and health service providers to signup for telemedicine or consulting services.

With Polaris you can:

  • Discuss medical cases with specialists and senior doctors
  • You could earn more money from this platform as a medical practitioner.
  • Polaris will give you broad visibility on a global scale. Gives you the flexibility of setting your own consulting fee.
  • Allows you do electronic/digital prescriptions fo your patients.
Virtual meeting with a doctor

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Onyekachi Ndima

Dr. Onyekachi Ndima

Optician, Hong Kong China

Dr. Dele Segun

Dr. Dele Segun

Surgeon, Nigeria

Dr. Pryanka Sahur

Dr. Pryanka Sahur

Surgeon, India

Dr. Jane George

Dr. Jane George

Cardiologist, USA

Dr. Ronnie Don

Dr. Ronnie Don

Surgeon, Austria

Dr. Kenny More

Dr. Kenny More

Surgeon, Nigeria


Doctors who have used our features and participated in the Polaris experience, had this to say.

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